Often asked questions.
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General Questions
Q: What is Metrocon?                
A:  Metrocon is an event run by the volunteer organization Stavanger Cons and focuses on cosplay and related activities.

Q: When is Metrocon?              
A: We will announce the date on our website and social media when the date and venue has been set.

Q: Where is Metrocon?                
A: We are in the Stavanger area in Rogaland.

Q: Where can I purchase a ticket?
A: Press Buy Ticket in the menu (this will be visible when tickets go on sale)

Q: Can I get my ticket refunded?               
A: In general, there is no return policy for tickets in Norway.
It should however be possible to sell or give the ticket away to someone else
Cosplay competition
Q: How do I enter the Cosplay competition?         
A: You can sign up via "Sign up" in our menu.

Q: I'm unable to upload a desired image. Why?             
A: The image must be in JEPG or in PNG format and below 10 Mb. If you have any further problems, send the pictures to stavangercon@gmail.com
Q: Can we sign up as a group?              
A: No. Sign up individually, but please specify in the description if and who you want to be able to stand on stage with. If you want that.

Q: Can I sign up my OC (Original character) in the cosplay competition?              
A: No, OC is for the OC competition.
Example that is ok in the cosplay competition: Peach but with armor, Zelda in Victorian style, Mario in modern style. A known character with a change.

Q: How much should I fill in the description?            
A: A few paragraphs on how the costume was made and why you chose exactly this figure.
Maximum half a A4 page.   
Q: Am I allowed to bring replica, metal and other hard weapons to the event?             
A: In most cons in Norway, weapons that are replicated from real goods are not allowed. Weapons that are clearly bought from toy stores, on the other hand, can vary.

But in order to be on the safe side, it is recommended to send an e-mail with a picture of the object.

It is not allowed to go around with weapons that may conflict with: §9-1 of the Weapons Regulations.

It is prohibited to acquire, own or possess electric shock weapons, pepper spray and other self-defense agents with similar effect, butterfly knives, baton knives, stilett, fighting gloves, batons, nunchaku, throwing stars, blow pipes for shooting arrows or other objects, slingshots or other similarly dangerous objects and which appear to be products of violence. That is, most weapons can be perceived as threatening.

Inadvertent use of objects will result in immediate storage of said object which will be delivered at the end of the convention or when leaving the convention.

Plastic, foam, light wood, not sharp objects are generally allowed, subject to exceptions.

If you have any questions about specific items or props that are allowed,
please e-mail to info@metrocon.no

All weapons will be checked at the door, and weapons we consider dangerous will be confiscated. Please ask the Info Desk about returning weapons /props at the end of the day, or when leaving the convention.

Q: I want my weapon checked anyway before the convention! Where do I do this?             
A: Send an email with photo and information about the props to info@metrocon.no    
Rules of consent
Q: Can I take a photo or video of cosplayer or guest?              
A: Photos/Videos of cosplayers /guests in a group are allowed, but taking photos of a specific person requires you to ask permission first.

When is it okay to take photos/video of cosplayer/guest(s) ?:         
- After asking for permission and it has been granted.
– If the cosplayer/guest (s) already poses for photographers, look around and feel free to ask both photographers and models if you can take one too.

When is it NOT OK to take pictures:
– If the cosplayer or guest is sitting and eating.
– If they are not 100% in their costumes.
– If they look busy
– If they haven't given permission.

Please follow these guidelines so that both you as a photographer and cosplayers have a pleasant stay at Metrocon.

Q: Can I touch a cosplayers costume?
A: Never touch a cosplayer's suit/costume without having a clear yes or no in response.
Remember, if they have allowed you to touch it, be extremely careful. Many cosplayers dedicate an incredible amount of time and hard work into making their costumes,  they are not always robust enough to withstand being touched or huged.

Q: Glomping?! (hard hug, often a suprise "attack")
A:Certainly not without a clear YES or NO first. Glomping has hurt cosplayers costumes and we want Metrocon to be a safe place for both cosplayers and guests.

Q: Free-hug?!            
A: If you have gotten permission to give/receive then yes. This can be clearly seen if the person opens their arms to you or not.           
General Safety
Q: My costume is large / bulky / difficult to see through / etc and I need help getting up, around the stage and down. Do you have anyone who can help?        
A: We take the safety of our cosplayers very high, considering the height and difficulty of gettin on the stage. We offer assistants the help if needed. Just contact us during the information meeting before the competition. We want to help as best we can to make your time on stage fun and without accidents.

Q: We need medical attention! Who should we looking for?            
A: If you are near our information desk,  our medical desk right next to it. If accidents  happen outside this area, contact our guardsmen. They are trained in first aid and they also have a walkie talkie that can contact Head medic at the convention.
Guardsmen will be marked with a red ribbon around the arm. Should a crisis occur, call 113. 
Last but not least!
1. Remember to drink a lot of water.

2. Remember to eat.

3. Remember personal hygiene: Deodorant, shower, brush teeth and wash hands.