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Here you will find link to tickets and practical information for Metrocon 2023: Yokai

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What is Metrocon?
Metrocon is a drug-free cultural event for all ages.
We have creativity as our main focus and aim to create an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of background and identity.

The event is organized by the voluntary organization "Stavanger Cons," and most of us have been involved with both Metrocon and other smaller events for over 10 years.

Our capacity is up to 700 guests at the venue.

When is Metrocon?
Metrocon takes place on October 7th-8th, 2023.

Opening hours:
Saturday: 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM (Opening show starts at 12:00 PM)
Sunday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Where is Metrocon held?
At Clarion Energy Hotel in Stavanger (Next to DNB Arena)
Link to map

What happens at Metrocon?
There will be cosplay, competitions, board and role-playing games, Super Smash tournament, marketplace, and many other fun activities!

We recommend keeping an eye on the activities listed on our website and following us on social media for updates.
Instagram: @metroconstavanger
Facebook: Metrocon - Stavangercons
FB Event: Metrocon 2023: Yokai

What do "Yokai" mean?
This year's theme is derived from the Japanese concept of "Yokai," which describes a collection of imaginative and colorful supernatural creatures. Many of these creatures are known for their playful and mischievous behavior and hold an important place in Japanese culture and folklore.
Children up to 6 years old have free admission as long as they are accompanied by a ticket-holding adult!

Carer certificate

Carer certificate can be presented at the ticket control to receive the same type of ticket (weekend, day) as the one you're assisting.

Ticket sales at the door

We accept card payments and Vipps at the door, as long as we have available tickets, but with an additional fee of 25 NOK.
Online ticket sales will remain open until the event is finished.

Ticket rules

Reselling of tickets is allowed, but not after the ticket bands have been distributed.
Purchasing tickets outside of hoopla is done at your own risk.
A cut ticket band is considered invalid.

All income from ticket sales goes towards covering expenses.
All work is voluntary, and none of us receive any salary or payment.
Discount Code
Upon purchasing a ticket, you will receive a discount code by mail for Clarion Energy Hotel.

The code provides the following prices:
Standard Single Room - NOK 1050
Standard Double Room - NOK 1150

Breakfast is included.

Reservations can be made until October 6th, but we recommend booking as early as possible.

The code can be used for accommodation between October 5th and 8th.

There is simple food available for purchase at the hotel kiosk. If this doesn't appeal to you, there is also food available in the restaurant, and there are several alternative options just a few minutes' walk from the venue.

Getting to the hotel

By train
Train to Stavanger station,
change for a bus here.

By bus
Bus line 3, 6, 7, 9 and 29
from Stavanger city centre/Bus terminal.
To the hotel: alight at the Stavanger Turnhall stop
From the hotel: get on at DnB Arena stop

From Stavanger Airport, Sola

Airport bus to Stavanger Turnhall/DnB Arena.

You might need to click "Show More" at the ticket sale page in order to see stand tickets

All stands include up to 2 weekend passes for you and a helper.It is not allowed to resell the weekend passes.

The tables are sized (60cmX120cm)
It is not allowed to hang anything on the wall, but you can bring your own freestanding walls to display products. Please inform us in advance if you plan to do so.

According to the agreement with the hotel, it is not allowed to sell food, neither commercially nor homemade.

We expect to start the setup between 16:00 and 20:00 on Friday, October 6th.
You will receive an email with instructions and information as we approach the weekend.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

We offer the following tickets for stands:
Additionally, it is possible to order a couple of extra tables when purchasing the ticket.

Commercial Stand
The ticket provides you with 6 tables and 2 weekend passes for those working at the stand. This is applicable for businesses or individuals with an organizational number.

Art & Sale stands
The ticket provides you with 2 tables and 2 weekend passes for those working at the stand. This applies to private individuals who are not registered as a company.

Info Stands
If you want to promote activities or an organization such as a youth club, makerspaces, or mental health support, the ticket provides you with 2 tables and 2 weekend passes for those working at the stand.
You cannot sell any products at this stand, and someone must be present most of the time.