Each year Metrocon invites guests to hold panels and workshops, as judges for the contests and to entertain our wonderful audience

Wee, Fandomily Cosplay

Wenke, also known as Wee,  is the older sister and mom of the quartet Fandomily cosplay.

In 2013, she joined her little sister "Pharamony" for the first time at a cosplay con, was completely enchanted by cosplay and has been an active cosplayer ever since.
Especially making things herself is Wenke's main motivation for doing cosplay.

The panel: "Tips and tricks for first-time cosplayers"
In this panel, Wenke will give her best tips and tricks on how to get started and make your own costumes and props for cosplay.

Photo credit: Ookami - Cosplay Photography Katrix Media

FoamFox Cosplay

Lisa, aka FoamFox, started cosplaying 9 years ago and has been working with foam for props and armor pieces for 6 years now.

Before she narrowed down on foam as the main material for her armor work, she tried using thermoplastics for a brief period of time, but didn't like the weight and inflexibility of it.
After visiting a foamsmithing panel where a cosplayer built an Iron Man suit completely out of foam, she was hooked and determined to make her armors from foam as well.
Since 2016 she solely worked with foam for her armor pieces and the majority of her props. is coming to us with her amazing panels!
"Don't worry - You can dremel this!"


Eden currently works as a teacher in the Manga and webtoons line at Hadeland folkehøgskole, and has previously published cartoons in anthologies.

She is coming to Metrocon on Sunday to give an introduction to how you can draw your manga character - everything from drawing cool hairstyles to developing your own manga style!

Fata Morgana Cosplay

Fata Morgana Cosplay is coming to us to hold a panel on everything you need to know to sew your first cosplay!

Panel: "How to sew your first Cosplay"

She has been doing cosplay for several years and has participated in several competitions in the master category.

She mainly works with sewing and for many years had no proper training in it.

She comes to tell us about a lot she didn't know herself, which can make sewing cosplay much easier. She later took three courses on specifically seam.

This panel is for beginners and for those who want to start but feel that there is a lot to learn, but of course everyone is welcome!

Photo credit: Photographer Renate Olea

The Fuzzy Teddy Inn

Teddy has recently been a judge for the NCC (Nordic Cosplay Championship).

He has also previously participated as a contestant in the NCC.

He has an incredible talent for so many different things, whether it's shoes, knives, sewing, leatherwork, props or forging!

Even a lovely table!

Photo credit: @Ihadra Cosplay


Urszula works as a 3D Character Artist at Embark Studios and has also created skins for the game PUBG.

She is coming to Metrocon as a cosplay judge and will also hold the panel:
"Working with Video Games"

Urszula always impresses us with something, whether it's cosplay or character design.

(Foto credit: Urszula)

Ihadra Cosplay

Ivy is a fantastic cosplayer and she is an apprentice in costume sewing at a theater here in Norway.

We can say that everything she touches turns to gold because she is also a goldsmith @dobey_jewellery (Instagram)

We always look forward to seeing what she has made, whether it's costumes, jewellery, earrings or tik toks!

(Photo credit: Photographer @ken_cos on Instagram)


We have the pleasure of presenting our host Ingve Connolly Gran!

Comedian and Voice actor with an amazing talent!

Ingve has dubbed in Norwegian many great characters such as:
Bob in the movie Luck (on Apple TV now)
Magnus in Dragons Rescue Riders (Netflix)
Artephius in Adventures of Puss in Boots (Netflix)
and many more!

Ingve will also hold a panel on Voice Use and Acting.

We are very much looking forward to it!