Stands at Metrocon
Below you will find the wonderful stands found at our Marketplace, which is located next to the main stage area

Creator Makerspace

Creator is a non-profit makerspace in Stavanger, Norway. They will appear at Metrocon to showcase their makerspace and what you can make their with the facilities they have available


At Tanukified’s stand you will find various colorful prints based on different fandoms (mainly Genshin impact, and Demon Slayer), as well as stickers and acrylic charms!


Remember to visit the stand for HalcyonRook! Selling nerdy themed laser cut coasters, wall tiles, keychains, tabletop gaming pieces, and other cute curiosities!

Kristine's Curiositeter

Pins, patches and dragons, Oh my! Lots of nice handmade things for pride and more!


Role Playing goods, Comics, Manga, Books, Lego, Merchandise and more

Cosplay Sjappa

Welcome to Cosplayer's dream shop! Cosplay Sjappa is back! Jewelry, key rings, props and more. Welcome!


Art and bits and bobs


Witchsteps selling crystals, books, jewellery and more all with a witchy theme. Will be sitting together with Frost Upcycled

Frost Upcycled

Frost Upcycled will be selling old and unloved Jewelry given new life by a 10 year old girl. Sitting together with Witchsteps.


Selling colourful and cute homemade artwork, charms and standees of various games and series such as Genshin Impact & Pokemon.

Apples Corner

Will be selling: - Figures (Anime figure, Lego/Lego tiny, tiny collectibles) - Posters - Stickers (design and made by me) - Keychains - Plushies - Clothing


Our stand is full of lots of fun from geek culture. We have figures, plushies, buttons and all sorts of other merch. If you like anime and games, this is the place to come