Stand Application for Metrocon 2024
Stand Applications for Metrocon 2024 at Clarion Hotel Energy in Stavanger 5th and 6th of October.

All questions related to stands can be directed at and our Guild Master/ Stand responsible will answer as soon as they have time

Do you want to have a stand at Metrocon 2024 ? Send in an application using the buttons below

Application open: Saturday 23rd of March
Application deadline: Tuesday 23rd of April
Reply on Applications: Tuesday 7th of May
General Information
What is Metrocon?
Metrocon a cosplay con in Stavanger with 15 years of history

When is Metrocon?
Metrocon is 05-06th of October in 2024
Setup starts Friday 04th October.

Opening hours
Setup Friday 16.00 - 20.00
Saturday 10.30 to 20.00 (Crew will arrive at 09.00)
Sunday 11.00 to 18.00 (We need to be out of the venue by 20.00)
You will receive an email with instructions and information before the event.

Where is Metrocon held?
‍Clarion Energy Hotel in Stavanger (Next to DNB Arena) Link to map
We have a capacity for 700 guests at the event.

You will receive a discount code by email for Clarion Energy Hotel if your application is selected and you confirm you want the stand.

The code will give the following offer on rooms:
Single room: NOK 1,150 incl. VAT
Double room: NOK +200

More information about tables and rules can be found in the application below.
This is the stand option for them who create their own designs and handcrafts.

Included in the ticket: 2 tables and 2 weekend tickets
Price: 700 NOK

Submit an ART&SALE stand application by clicking the button below
This is the stand option for companies or individuals with organizational-number that either sell licensed products or home made products of their own design. 

Included in the ticket: 6 tables and 2 weekend tickets
Price: 2500 NOK

Submit an COMMERCIAL stand application by clicking the button below 
INFO Stand
Information stands are a way for you and your organization to spread information about yourself to new people. On this stand it is not allowed to sell products. 

Included in the ticket: 1 table and 2 weekend tickets
Price: FREE

Submit an INFO stand application application by clicking the button below