The Team
Metrocon is a volunteer organization and these are the wonderful people
 that keep Metrocon alive and running every year.
Connie Nielsen

Started as regular crew in 2009 and became  Assisting manager in 2013. She is now the CEO of the organisation.
Connie is a charismatic leader that really pours heart and soul into Metrocon. She dresses as ConAi the mascot to create happiness and inspire everyone.

Kjell Gunnar Skår

Started as minion/regular crew in 2013.
Kjelli is hardworking and always has a plan A, B and C. He is a go-getter and is responsible for information, sponsors, budget and a lot more.

Victoria Prøis
Masquerade Master

Started as a minion/ regular crew, she is the Assisting manager in Metrocon. Her main responsibilities are the Cosplay - and OC competition  and Minions.
Victoria has a bubbly personality and laughter that's infectious.  She works really effectively and always ask if she can help.

Marie Louise Hillestad
Guild Master

She is stand and decorations responsible. Marie is organized, determined and creativ. With a great sense of humor and a smile that will brighten up anyone's day.

Lene Johanne Gunstead
Wizard of Tec

Tec responsible and our Head medic.
Lene is solution oriented, takes a challenge with a smile and always knows what to do in a pinch.